Monthly Archives: September 2014

Brett Douville on Gmrgt


“And here came this new form of games criticism which sought to personalize the conversation around games, to find a way to try to express the ways in which games uniquely touched us. The Internet had meant that there was room to explore this form of criticism; had we been bound to print still, the […]

MovieBob on Gmrgt


“I love video games. I loved what they were when I was a kid, I like what they are now with some MAJOR reservations and I’m hopeful about what they can become… but now I’m also worried about what they can fail to become if this current insanity goes on much longer.” (x)

The Backlog


One of the most daunting things about coming late—and at an age where I’m aware of it—to this endeavour is the massive backlog. The history of it all—there’s so much of it. Sure, I played Loderunner once in a while (I liked the level editor). Pac-Man stressed me the fuck out. I remember when our […]