Brett Douville on Gmrgt

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“And here came this new form of games criticism which sought to personalize the conversation around games, to find a way to try to express the ways in which games uniquely touched us. The Internet had meant that there was room to explore this form of criticism; had we been bound to print still, the time wouldn’t have been right, the costs would have been too high. The Internet was democratizing; even then, though, it was hard to know how to pay people to do it. I started this blog more or less to try and explore those same sorts of ideas; my angle was to take other cultural forms and look at what they were doing, and ask whether we could elicit similar responses. I believed then, as I believe now, that we were fully capable of expressing the full range of human emotion, in our own way, that we could stand aside my other cultural favorites, literature and film, as tools for the exploration of just what it means to be human.” (x)


You'd think that 30+ years of playing RPGs would have made me a more interesting person but you'd be wrong.

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